Corporate Softball League Rules


League vs. ASA Rules

  • Any rules not specifically addressed here will be interpreted under the guidelines of the Official ASA rulebook.

ASA Certified Bats


Game Start Times

  • Games are to begin promptly at scheduled times.

  • Game starting times are 6:30 PM and 8:00 PM.

  • No grace period allowed.

  • When a team has enough players (8) to field a team, they must begin play immediately.

  • If there is a single late game on K-2, the start time will be 8:00 PM (grace period 8:15).


Minimum Number Of Players

  • A team must have 8 players to begin a game.

  • A team not having 8 players 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time will forfeit the game.

  • At least two women shall be in the batting order and play the field at all times.

  • However, if a team has only one woman at game time, that team cannot put an extra man in the field to make up for the missing woman. The second woman may be inserted into the lineup at the designated position in the lineup whenever she arrives.

  • Late line-up additions: Once the 4th inning is complete, Extra Hitters cannot be added.



  • Teams cannot add players once the 4th inning is complete.

  • Adding a new player to line-up, after start of game, must be added to the end of line-up.

  • A substitute player can replace a starting player at any time during a game.

  • If 2 players are splitting a game, they share the same slot in the batting order. They can opt to alternate their at-bats.


Batting Order

  • Teams may bat any number of players in the batting order (maximum of 10 can play in the field) provided that if the team bats:

  • 12 – 15 persons, it shall contain at least 3 women.

  • 16 – 20 persons, it shall contain at least 4 women.

  • If only 2 females are playing, a team can bat more than 9 males providing one of the females bats twice in the lineup. That female will be listed in the batting order separated from herself by at least 6 batters. 


Female At Bats / Outfield Arc

  • When females are batting, outfielders and rover are prohibited from playing any closer than 150 feet from home plate. The 150 feet will marked by a traffic cone placed on the foul lines.

  • The cones will be placed 90 feet behind 1st and 3rd bases in foul territory. The Center fielder’s distance will not be marked by a cone but will be approximated based on the positioning of the Left and Right fielders.

  • An outfielder can cross this line once the ball is hit.


First Base

  • An outfielder or rover cannot throw a male or female batter out running to first base.


The 5th Infielder

  • No outfielder is allowed to play on the dirt (in the infield) at any time.

  • If an OF covers a base during a play, the base runner going towards that base will be called safe and batter as well.

  • An OF CAN catch a ball on the infield dirt, but just cannot make a tag or cover any base.

  • If there is a pickle, then anyone can cover a base (this over rules the 5th infielder rule).

  • This rule is to make the game better for all players.



  • Players are free to enter and re-enter the game without penalty. The following substitution rules apply:

  • A substitute player can enter the game at any time (either in the field or batting).

  • If a woman is removed from the game, another woman must replace her in the field and in the line-up.

  • Players re-entering the game must do so in the same manner they were removed from the game and for the same substitute player and in the same spot in the batting order. If a player is replaced in the field, they must return in the field. If they are replaced while batting, they must return batting.

  • If a player is injured, the normal substitution rules do not apply.

Mercy Rule/Game End

  • The game is ended at the point when either the home team is ahead by 20 runs in their half of the 5th or 6th inning or after the visiting team has completed their at bats in the 5th or 6th inning or the visiting team is ahead by 20 or more runs at the completion of 5 or 6 innings.


Player Eligibility

  • Players must be at least 18 or older.

  • It is the responsibility of the managers to ensure that their players are of age for liability purposes.

  • Under age player could result in a forfeit of game.



  • The intention of the Corporate Softball League is for the batter to hit the ball and not for the pitcher to try to strike the batter out. Therefore, the pitcher must pitch a hit-able pitch.

  • The pitch will have a perceptible arc of at least 6 feet and no more than 8 feet measured from the ground.

  • If the pitch does not meet the “perceptible arc”, the umpire will call the illegal pitch a ball.

  • If the batter swings the bat at a pitch that’s called illegal (contact or no contact), it is a dead ball and the pitch is called a ball.


Illegal Pitches

  • Upon identifying a pitch as illegal, the umpire will immediately state out loud "illegal pitch".

  • The effect will be that a ball will be declared “dead” on the batter and the pitch will count as a “ball”. The umpire will follow this procedure each time.

  • If, in the opinion of the umpire, the pitcher is repeatedly trying to gain an advantage, then the umpire may choose to remove the pitcher from the pitching position for the remainder of the game.


Pitching Distance

  • Pitching distance is 50 feet for all pitchers (no exceptions).


Warm-Up Pitches

  • Pitchers starting the game or a relief pitcher will be allowed 5 warm-up pitches.

  • At the beginning of all subsequent inning, 3 warm-up pitches will be allowed.


Intentional Walks

  • Intentional walks are NOT allowed at anytime!

  • This is a hitters’ league and everyone should be able and allowed to hit the ball.


Hit By A Pitched Ball

  • Batters may not advance to first base because they were hit by a pitched ball.

  • If the pitch does hit a batter, the pitch will be declared a dead ball and the umpire will call the pitch either a ball or a strike.



  • No bunting is allowed.

  • The offending player is called out and all other runners must return to the base they previously occupied prior to the pitch.


Catcher's Equipment

  • All catchers must wear a mask and a throat guard.


Collisions And Fake tags

  • Collisions on the base paths are to be avoided if possible.

  • There will be no fake tags allowed.

  • A fake tag occurs when a fielder without possession of the ball deceives the runner, thereby impeding his progress (i.e. causing him to slide, slow down or stop running).

  • The umpire will rule obstruction on a fake tag.

  • The obstructed runner, and each runner affected by the obstruction, will always be awarded the base or bases he would have reached if there had not been any obstruction.

  • The offending player will be ejected without warning.


Throwing Bats

  • Players are encouraged not to intentionally throw the bat, for safety’s sake.

  • A reprimand or warning is up to the umpires discretion.



  • A player who is guilty of fighting (i.e. initiates physical contact or assault) will be ejected from the game and suspended for the remainder of the season.

  • Also, excessive abusive language is discouraged and could be subject to ejection.



  • The umpire has the authority to eject a player, coach, manager or other team member from the game for violation of rules or flagrant misconduct.

  • Players, coaches, managers or other team members will not make disparaging or insulting remarks to or about opposing players, officials, or spectators or commit other acts that could be considered unsportsmanlike conduct.

  • A player who has been ejected must immediately remove himself/herself from the playing field including the dugout area.

  • If an ejected player does not do so immediately, or continues to harass the umpire or be involved in inappropriate behavior, the player may be ejected from the grounds. Noncompliance with this rule could result in a forfeited game imposed by the umpire.

  • If a player is ejected from a game, the player will not be able to participate in his or her next scheduled game.

  • If a player is ejected from 2 games, the player is suspended for the remainder of the season (including playoffs).


Postponed Games (Non-Weather Related)

  • Scheduled games that conflict with agency-sponsored functions only (picnics, recognition dinners, etc.) may be rescheduled.

  • Such games must be brought to the attention of the league commissioner as soon as possible and at least 1 full week prior to the originally scheduled date of the game.


Forfeited Games

  • Any team that forfeits 3 games during one regular season will be expelled from the league for that season, except in extraordinary circumstances.

  • The remaining games on that teams’ schedule will be counted as 7-0 victories for the scheduled opponents.


Suspended Games

  • Games are 7 innings.

  • A game becomes official after 5 innings.

  • In the event of rain interrupting a game in progress, the game will be considered over if it has become official, with the final score reflecting that of the last fully completed inning. If the game has not yet become official, it will be rescheduled in its entirety. If an official game is tied at the end of the last completed inning, it will be rescheduled from the point of interruption. The decision of the umpire shall govern.


Playoffs / Team Rosters

  • All players need to play in 4 regular season games to qualify for the playoffs.

  • Any player found not eligible to play will forfeit any/all games they have played in the playoffs.

  • All teams must keep track of their own player’s eligibility in their score books.

  • If a player has an injury during the year and is unable to qualify because of the injury, then the manager must formally petition the commissioner for eligibility due to injury.



  • Uniforms (matching shirt and caps) are encouraged, but not mandatory.


Spikes / Metal Cleats

  • No metal spikes or metal cleats are to be worn by any player.

  • In all instances where a player is found to be wearing metal spikes or metal cleats, that player must change into other acceptable footwear in order to keep playing.


Retrieval Of Ball Hit Out Of The Park

  • The team of a player that hits a fair or foul ball out of the park must make a serious effort to retrieve the ball.


Required Equipment

  • It is the home teams’ responsibility to provide a new softball for each game.

  • The league will provide each team with 12 new softballs prior to their first game.


Courtesy Runner

  • With the opposing manager’s approval, a courtesy runner will be allowed to run for a batter who has reached base. In most instances, this should be the last batter to make an out. The runner substituted for will then be allowed to remain in the game.

  • Umpire notification is required and should be declared before the game.

  • The objective of the courtesy runner is to insure safety and prevent injury and is not to be used to gain a base running advantage.


Alcoholic Beverages And Containers

  • There is to be no consumption of alcoholic beverages by players during a game.

  • Also, it is expected that each team will clean up any refuse they leave after a game.


Foul Language

  • Profane or Foul language by any member of the CSL will be an automatic Ejection from the game.

  • There is no warning of ejection for profane or foul language.

  • 2 game suspension - profane or foul language directed towards teammates, opposing players, or himself/herself.

  • Any profane or foul language directed towards the umpire or fans will result in suspension for the remainder of the season, including playoffs.


Home Run Limits

  • Each team is allowed 5 over the fence Home Runs.

  • After that limit, each Home Run is a dead ball out.